What a year can do…

It’s officially been a year that I’ve had a yoga membership.  I still can’t believe how much it has changed my life and what I’ve been able to accomplish by making it a part of my daily routine.  At first I loved the welcoming attitude of the instructor.  In a city where I saw my “friends” only on the weekends, having someone smile and remember your name (plus receiving back rubs) provided me with a small sense of community I haven’t felt since moving to Denver.  But now that I’ve experienced days without going to a yoga class, I feel something else.  I’m calmer, I’m happier, and my body appreciates being worked and stretched.  When I miss a yoga class, I feel like I haven’t done my job as the owner of this body.

Ever since I added yoga to running, my body hasn’t been the same.  Besides losing pounds and inches, I’ve gained the ability to do yoga poses I only admired in other yogis.  And that is the beauty of yoga, I may go everyday but I can attempt and work on new poses every class.  Once you master one, it is time to start working on another.  Supported headstand has now moved to tripod headstand.  Runner’s lunge is now hurdler (which I thought I’d never get).  A full vine in extended side angle is now bird of paradise.  With running, I’ve gotten bored of my usual laps around Wash Park, but with yoga I can move into my own expressions when prompted.  And the time to explore that most instructors provide just evidences this promotion of personal practice.

I still dream of the day I can achieve handstand and when I can hold half moon pose with confidence.  But that is my journey with yoga.  One that I see continuing in the years to come.  And with multiple (beloved) instructors asking about my thoughts on teacher training, I see yoga becoming an even more important aspect of my life next year.  Could this be my calling more than libraries?  Or just the rounding out of myself that I was always meant to find?


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