Own that you deserve to be happy

I planned on writing about the feeling of knowing you are where you are supposed to be in life.  But the yoga class I just experienced is worthy of postponing.

One of my favorite instructors, Jessica, discussed being comfortable vs. uncomfortable.  It may be in a pose or it may be in life.  But are you choosing to remain comfortable even though it may not be self-serving?  Or could a moment of discomfort actually lead to better?  As Jessica was setting this generic situation up, I immediately applied it to the most uncomfortable aspect of my life that continues to erode my confidence and breaks my heart to this day.  If I had heard this a year or (wishfully) two ago, I maybe would have changed the course of how this one person affected me for so long.  But that moment has passed and I will never get to meet my moment of discomfort with him.  I chose to remain in the “comfortable” of never saying anything, never confronting.  And for that, I’ve damaged myself for a good year and a half.  Jessica said that the discomfort could be the scariest thing you’ve imagined, but like most discomforts it goes away.  Apply that to yoga and I have to agree.  A pose may be uncomfortable but you feel the growth you made afterward.  As she was ending class and reiterating meeting that moment of discomfort, but seeing the change and growth afterward, I couldn’t help but feel this was advice two years too late.

Or am I finally at the point where I could have confronted?  Where this advice would have made an impact?  I’ll never know.  But from now on, I’m going to remember that a moment of discomfort might be worth the growth afterward.  I want that growth.  It’s taken too long to get where I am today.  And in Jessica’s words to end the class, “Own that you deserve to be happy.”  Maybe that should be my tattoo…


2 thoughts on “Own that you deserve to be happy

  1. You selected a perfect title for this blog and I love this post! I second the notion that maybe “Own that you deserve to be happy” should be your tattoo.

  2. I want to echo Addie, great blog title and a tattoo-worthy quote! Stick with yoga- it clearly is bringing you calm, joy, and constant challenges/rewards. It’s wonderful to read about.

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