I have 22 days until my half marathon.  With work, less daylight, and cooler weather I’ve not dedicated myself to training as I usually have.  Maybe I know my body can handle 13.1 miles, but I also have been paying more attention to how my body feels.  My IT bands are constantly letting their presence known.  I’ve pushed through the pain before, but it gets harder and harder to do.

When there’s a choice between yoga and running, yoga usually wins.  I see people who know me.  I am in a heated, welcoming environment, and I always have the choice of child’s pose.  Running does not.  Bad runs piss me off.  Not making it my usual distance in my usual time because of a side cramp or IT band tightness…doesn’t improve my mood.

Have I exhausted my dedication to running?  Should I not do the half marathons anymore?  Stick to 10Ks?  I loved how starting running changed my life.  But it was easier with a part time job and access to a gym.

Where’s my running balance?


One thought on “Unprepared

  1. Running…eh, take it or leave it if you aren’t feeling it. You can always go back or change distances. Don’t let it get you down- it’s not worth it. Rock this half, but most importantly make sure you are enjoying yourself.

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