I’m blessed to have a fair amount of friends around the globe doing some amazing things.  Keeping in touch with them is important and I try to do my part to support the failing USPS.  I may be a little selfish since most respond with a postcard from their respective state/city/country.  But I’ve known empty mailboxes and how much a personal letter means when you’re in a city all alone.

I recently sent a couple postcards to a friend that I try to send mail to when I travel to a new place or feel it’s been too long between mailings.  This time I sent two at once (my post office trips are few and far between these days) and got a lovely thank you email.  His gratitude for mail made me realize that it is important to put effort into a friendship.
And to find things that certain friends value.  A text or email may be good enough for a friend who lives in the same country, but that special extra effort into snail mail may put a smile on someone’s face across the world.  It’s hardly any trouble on my end, but the excitement he has when seeing something in his mailbox, is why I send.

My first year out in Denver I relied on my mom to fill my mailbox.  Along with weekly telephone chats I felt like I was being thought of hundreds of miles away.  And that’s what it’s all about.

To all my friends: in different timezones, in different countries… I’m thinking of you.  And hopefully the USPS gets this message across.


One thought on “Lucky

  1. I just got that warm and fuzzy feeling reading this post. Ahhh, there is nothing like giving or receiving a letter/postcard in the mail. Seeing someone’s handwriting and knowing they took the time to find a card, write, and mail makes it so much more personal. A day is guaranteed to be brightened when there is a card in the mail.

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