What I’ve been waiting for…

3 days 10 hours and 47 minutes until I reunite with one of my dearest friends.  It’s been over a year since we have seen each other for more than an hour during two layovers at DIA.  While I would not trade those for anything, I have missed her dearly.  It’s not like we don’t talk; it’s rare that we go a day without some form of communication.  But when I got used to seeing her everyday on campus or every 6 months in the couple years after college, I can’t take this extended separation.

She is one of a few that I can just be in the company of and feel completely at ease.  No need to talk the entire time, but just being in her presence makes me happy.  The bonus of this trip is some quality explore Idaho time.  I have been let down in the past months for possible hiking trips and just a general lack of other people wanting to explore the outdoors (funny, I live in CO I should be able to find those people…).  I keep getting my hopes up about people going to yoga with me or joining in on hikes only to have it not work out.  And this constantly happens in Denver.  I should know better.  But this trip is going to be about reuniting with my constant and enjoying our time together exploring her new state of residence.  I.can’t.wait.


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