Everybody love everybody

This has been the theme in the last two yoga classes I’ve attended.  Great concept.  Really tough to follow through on.  I’ve been feeling the non-love to and from people recently.  So I’ve been trying to find a balance between listening to my yoga instructors and listening to myself that says, clear out the non-healthy people in your life.

I want the good feeling that comes from having an open heart and want to be known as someone who is kind.  But aren’t there people we need to remove from our lives because of the destruction they cause no matter how kind or forgiving we are?

Can’t exactly describe how I’m feeling after my heart chakra opening yoga class.  At the basic level: my upper body feels so much lighter than my lower body.  But I also feel this separation of what my mind thinks and what my heart feels.  That they are separate.  At one point the instructor told us to gather up all the pieces of our heart that we had given away and welcome them back into the room and then back into ourselves.  You can be sure I have some pieces out there that I imagined coming back to me.  Because they belong to me and not to those that I had “borrowed” them out to.  I got my heart back tonight.  All of it.

And you better believe I’m going to protect it like those mothers in African Cats.  (*Tip- do not watch that movie if feeling particularly emotional.)


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