Turned out quite nicely

The holiday I was prepared to enjoy on my own turned out to include a number of Denver acquaintances.  Began with two of my favorite yoga instructors.  And ended with a table full of food and laughter.

Because of a certain “defriending” I avoided what has become my go to Thanksgiving destination in Colorado.  I did get the invitation this year as well, but begged off in order to avoid unpleasantness.  And I’m very glad I did.  My roommate and her boyfriend invited me to eat with them, since they were doing the full Thanksgiving meal.  Which turned out lovely for three young adults cooking.  The house smells great and I have that satisfied feeling that I was a part of a celebration on a day that many are with family.

Life works out.  I planned for an alone day and instead it was fun and free of drama.  Great lesson for me in the coming months.



I love end of the year lists and many of my yoga classes this week are about gratitude.  We may not realize what we should be thankful for until this time of year, but that means we’re human.  So I’m taking the time to list what I’m thankful for this year.

  • My parents.  I am beyond lucky to have their support.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.
  • The thread of amazing women I’m still in contact with from college.  We’re in our own corners of the world, but still make the effort to keep each other updated and to share random newsworthy items.  Our reunions are few and far between these days, but that makes them more special.
  • My two other close friends from college.  One I’ve known all my life and the other since sophomore year.  Both are daily fixtures in my life and I’m grateful for their friendship over the long distance.  Couldn’t do it without them.
  • My health.  My yoga practice.  The ability to run a few miles.  It’s changed my life being able to do these things.  And I’ve had enough aches and pains to be thankful that my body allows me to move how I want to move (for the most part).  I hope to expand my yoga practice by completing teacher training in the next year.
  • My job.  After many months of worrying about never finding a job, I’m in a position that challenges me every day and is in the field I love.  It keeps me in Denver, near the topography that warms my soul.
  • My ability to be by myself.  I sense another transition year approaching.  I’ve done alone in a new city before; now I’ll do alone in MY city.
  • Oh!  And postcards!

If you’re reading this, you’re definitely one of the people mentioned above.  But know that you’re in my thoughts daily.  I’m thankful for your presence in my life.  My heart is happy because of you.

And so it goes

That I make a plan to do two yoga classes a day in the winter (except for yoga sculpt days, I’m not that crazy) and I wreck my back.  Did hot yoga yesterday and was okay except for the final spinal twist.  But ever since it’s been killing me just at home doing routine things.  So no yoga sculpt today, which is my favorite one of the week.  I can’t really tell you when or how I did it, but I’m thinking it was the second yoga class on Friday when we did a couple headstands.  Dang it.  Guess I’ll take today off, but it’s going to be hard to not go to a class on Monday…

Double yoga day

Not feeling up to doing anything but more yoga today.  Though did get to talk to my dad on the phone.  (He only answers when Mom isn’t home)  Got the hunting report.  Talked construction and snow blowers.  Ahhhh home.

I’m doing the Denver thing on my own now folks.  Saw some proof on facebook today.  I’m looking forward to yoga teacher training when I actually make the choice.  Should have some real potential for some decent, healthy acquaintances there.  That’s the positive outlook.  And only 43 days until I’m home!

Growing so frustrated

Every time the roommate’s bf is here.  She talks louder, she is not conscientious of the time of day.  And when I’ve asked them to be respectful it results in “can you buy a fan,” or the other roommate “wears earplugs.”  No.  Be respectful.  Take it down a couple notches.

Shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m popping a pill so I won’t lay here pissed off for most of the night.

Rant done.

Just in other words

Someone shares my act of “rebalancing.”  She didn’t call it rebalancing; she explained it more as connecting to nature and feeling like a minority in the midst of non-living things.  Pretty much what I want to achieve when I get unbalanced.  To be reminded of the real cycle of life.  And how I (minutely) factor into it.  This author also believes that every experience offers the chance to grow and become more aware of our life and the life around us.  I’ve been trying to tell myself I’m having these experiences for a reason, but sometimes you just wish different choices had been made.  But I wouldn’t be where I am today without my steps and missteps of the past.  I have to think that I’m a pretty good person.  I haven’t done anything really terrible.  I’ve done my best to make those around me proud.  And now I don’t know where I’m going with this…


I admit, I have an okcupid profile.  It’s something I forget about until I get a message and then I indulge my curiosity.  I haven’t really put much effort into it.  The latest message has been bothering me a bit.  The dude had read answers to questions and found the fact that I’ve never been in a relationship surprising.  Saying it must be intentional as I’m not that unattractive and I seem to have my shit together.

Thanks random guy.  For that insight.  And really, no it’s not intentional.  I would like to be in a relationship.  I thought I’d be in one by 18, then 21.  Definitely have stopped these expectations as I am 25.  But the thought also crossed my mind that I am not doing something right.  This seems to be something I’ve missed learning about in my life.  Maybe I’m not open to people I don’t know in this way?  It’s something I cannot solve.  And I’m not going to go read any self-help books on the matter.  Have read too many reviews on feministing.com or thefrisky.com to put any faith in those books.

But thanks random dude, who can’t take a regular photo of himself to save his life.  I’m already on okcupid and then to be told it’s WEIRD that I haven’t been in a relationship by a total stranger…