I admit, I have an okcupid profile.  It’s something I forget about until I get a message and then I indulge my curiosity.  I haven’t really put much effort into it.  The latest message has been bothering me a bit.  The dude had read answers to questions and found the fact that I’ve never been in a relationship surprising.  Saying it must be intentional as I’m not that unattractive and I seem to have my shit together.

Thanks random guy.  For that insight.  And really, no it’s not intentional.  I would like to be in a relationship.  I thought I’d be in one by 18, then 21.  Definitely have stopped these expectations as I am 25.  But the thought also crossed my mind that I am not doing something right.  This seems to be something I’ve missed learning about in my life.  Maybe I’m not open to people I don’t know in this way?  It’s something I cannot solve.  And I’m not going to go read any self-help books on the matter.  Have read too many reviews on or to put any faith in those books.

But thanks random dude, who can’t take a regular photo of himself to save his life.  I’m already on okcupid and then to be told it’s WEIRD that I haven’t been in a relationship by a total stranger…


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