Something new

So I’ve decided.  I’m moving in with the “brother.”  The one person who has kept me sane in Denver.  The one person who does the healthy activities with me (incline, hiking, Tattered Cover events).  I will have my first male roommate.  But also have a roommate who is there Thursday night to Monday morning.  Giving me reign of the house for the rest of the week.

I’ve realized my schedule of regular working hours doesn’t mix well with the hours of three other students. I want to be in bed by 10 pm and up at either 5 or 6 am.  And for me to sleep it needs to be quiet.  I was told I’m a professional woman now and can afford not to live with students any more.  And as much as I didn’t like my schedule interrupted, I’m sure they didn’t appreciate my after work activities interrupting their studying/work time.  This seems like the right move.

The house is in the Highlands.  One mile from the Corepower Yoga studio there.  How lucky can I be?  And the neighborhood is pretty nice, though I will have to do some exploring.  I will be training for the 6th half marathon and already have found the large-ish park that I can log some miles at.  I feel good about this next step.  It’s only for a bit as I feel the “brother” will be leaving Denver soon (gf in another city).  But to spend that remaining time with him as much as possible is important to me.  He’s the one thing that has kept my sanity in all the ups and downs of Denver.  He’s been there.  It will be nice to have him come home on occasional weekends and to be sure to see him.  Plus he’s an awesome cook.  I can just imagine the grilled meat I get to eat.

So now the next step is to inform the current roomies.  I shouldn’t feel bad for this step, but I know they will have to start searching for a new person.  And I would like to remain on good terms with them.  But I have to grow.  I need my space where I don’t feel the need to hide in my room to not disturb them, or end up pissed at 2 in the morning when they come stumbling home.  Just another step in my life in Denver.

Should start packing now…


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