2012 Goals

It’s only mid-December but I feel I can start my list of goals for the coming year.  Of my five goals for 2011 I did cross off two and almost hit a third.  Some of those will carry over.

  • Incline in 35 minutes or less  (I hit 35:something at my last attempt-almost there)
  • Visit a new National Park
  • Climb a new 14er (Mt. Sneffels, I almost had you)
  • Half marathon PR (2:11:41 is now my best time.  Returning to my first half marathon course in May.  Since that first half I’ve taken 24 minutes off)
  • Be able to do forearm shoulder stand
  • Jumpstart 2012 with bootcamp at the end of January/get to 3 yoga sculpt classes per week
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Work on improving supervisory skills at work
  • Start saving money for purchasing a car
  • Enjoy the heck out of Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2012
  • Absolutely no pop.  NO POP.
  • No alcohol unless it’s a very special occasion.  Up to my discretion.
  • Stop procrastinating and make a dentist appt.
  • Think more about purchases at the grocery store.  Eat smart.

I may add/edit.  Still could have some lightbulbs go off before the new year begins.


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