Twinge of sadness

The past couple of days I’ve noticed moments where I am not occupied by thoughts of what I need to do or what I should be doing and I feel like I’m missing something.  I don’t know if I’m homesick or adjusting to the new place.  Or what.  But I’m craving a familiar friendly face in Denver.  It could be the opportunity to see a college friend these next couple months while he’s in Denver for work that has me wishing for something from the past.  Maybe it’s having something safe and comfortable while I make this transition to a new place, new schedule, new commutes, and new stage of life.  Maybe my roommate just needs to come home and remind me why I like living by myself 😉  It could be I need physical contact with someone other than my yoga instructors…  And definitely not Mr. Handsy.  He’s just getting ridiculous.

Hopefully after this weekend I rebalance and am back to normal.  It could be that I skipped yoga today in order to clean the house…


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