It’s been a while…

I feel bad about my absence.  But sometimes I don’t have anything worthy to write.  Or complain about…

I guess if you want to keep up with me, you should follow me on pinterest.  🙂

Starting bootcamp Monday morning.  Here’s to going to bed BY 10.  Two workouts daily (start running!  It’s going to be 50s this week).  Eating from the outside of the grocery store. (Just read up on clean eating.  They say stay out of aisles, stay in produce, meats-but stay out of the bakery!)

I made chicken korma today.  Turned out pretty well and I will have some excellent leftovers.  Key.  Nice to do something in the kitchen I’m not used to.  Though the dishes are still waiting for me.  Ugh.

Feeling in a funk.  Little things adding up.  Maybe I’m a tad lonely for real friends or feeling anxious about the ex-friend situation out here.  Good thing I have my yoga that I know she won’t be ruining.  I shouldn’t be afraid of seeing her, but really I don’t want to.  Ever again.

Listened to GirlTalk today.  Definitely lightened my spirit.  Nothing like some mashups to get you to sing along.  Picked up some movies.  Here I come Fast Five and (because I can’t not see the train wreck that is) Twilight Breaking Dawn pt. 1(?)  Don’t know if I can last tonight.  And with the roommate home I feel I should do some dishes, when all I want to do is go upstairs, see if I’m feeling the vibrator tonight, and go to sleep.  Two yoga classes today kicked my butt and I’ll need to do two tomorrow to prepare somewhat for bootcamp.

Thanks for reading, you super important people in my life.  I miss you.  Pins, blogs, and emails can’t compete with face time.


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