What do you want from life?

A friend asked me a question that I should know the answer to, but truthfully I never really thought of.

What do you want from/in your life?

What more do you want your life to be?  What’s not in it now that you want?  And I really couldn’t answer much.  I’m actually happy with my life.  My main thing was to have close friends closer geographically, but other than that I was set with what life is right now.  (This thinking led me later to start wishing about owning a cute little house near a park in Denver…loooooooooong ways off on that one!)

I had asked my friend if I seemed happy, because I had been feeling attacked for making the life choices that I’ve made in the last couple years.  And when she asked if there was anything more I wanted out of life, I knew that my choices were right for me.  I’m happy with what I’m doing.  I’m happy with my job that supports me to live out in Denver.  I’m happy with my hobbies.  I’m happy with my health.  I’m happy with my lifestyle choices.  I’m happy I made my way out to Denver, unsure of my future and have settled into a stable job and life.  We all grow in our own ways.  My three years in Denver have been joyful and difficult, but I’ve made this my home.  I don’t want to feel like any of the choices I’ve made that make me happy day to day are wrong, just because someone else doesn’t agree with my priorities.  And what’s wrong with finding new passions?


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