How to become ourselves without losing each other

A quote from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 that I found particularly fitting.  Yes, corny movie.  But I’m allowed.

These four girls found a way to keep in touch during summers apart, in high school and then in college.  I have a group of girls who have learned how to keep in touch for many years now, not just summers.  I’m extremely lucky to have other people who make the effort to keep in touch.  And who make the point to plan something once in a while to reunite.  I have 419 days until all five of us reunite for a very special event.  But little reunions are possibly popping up before that.  It’s so important to make an effort.  Otherwise friendships change to only exist on Facebook.

I guess I’m expressing my feelings on certain friendships and their new stages.  Some are stronger than ever and others are fading.  I don’t know if it’s the distance or lifestyle changes.  But it’s hard long distance.  Not everything is expressed well over email and gchat.  And sometimes you feel you’re putting more effort into a friendship than you receive.  And at that point I’m going to cut my losses.  I’ve learned to not fight for something that isn’t treating you the same way.

I was lucky this past week.  I had an amazing friend who sent little words of encouragement during the craziest work week ever.  I didn’t need to respond, but I appreciated the heck out of every small word.  That’s when you know you matter in their world.


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