Not just on my mat

I recently had the chance to talk to my yoga instructor away from the yoga studio.  An after class happy hour provided the opportunity.  It was enlightening to hear that my journey with yoga is actually similar with others.  Things that are unhealthy fall to the wayside as you spend more time on the mat.  She shared that many times, those who went through teacher training experienced great changes in life.  Either in divorce, changing of careers, etc.

Now I haven’t had that drastic of change in my life, but I did notice those who were not healthy and those who did not support my time on the mat have fallen out of my everyday life.  Taking the time to come to your mat and making it a part of your life, makes other things in life fall inline as well.  Hearing that it wasn’t just me who adjusted a lifestyle based on yoga made me feel vindicated.  I don’t regret making healthy choices.  I don’t regret cutting back on those people who don’t support this lifestyle.  I have found much more on my mat in the past two years than from those around me in Denver.  And even from those who I considered my people.  I’m slowly building a community of people who have invested in themselves and actually support each other, in healthy ways.

As my instructor says, the longest relationship you’ll have is with your body.


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